Many Tennis players are making a transition to Pickleball for a wide variety of reasons. For those who make the change the skills one gains from tennis can be very quickly and easily applied to Pickleball. Often Tennis players who have never played Pickleball pick it up immediately (like the first time they play). Others
require a small transition period. There are examples of athletes who played collegiate level tennis becoming 4.5+ level Pickleball players in a few short months.

Many “older” tennis players make the transition because due to the smaller court and less running it is easier on the body particularly the knees and joints than tennis while at the same time providing good aerobic exercise.

Pickleball tends to be friendlier and more social and is increasingly more available. Joining a Tennis club for many is cost prohibitive. To play Pickleball it is not generally necessary to join a club and the fees are very reasonable.

Pickleball has the concept of “open play” which just means show up with your paddle and start playing. More and more facilities are offering structured play which means you will be playing with people at or near your own skill level. This eliminates the issue of your fellow players being “too strong” or “too weak” for your own personal skill level. Pickleball also offers “social play” which is for people who just want to get out there and have fun and are not interested in cut throat competition.

Then there is the simple matter of real estate. In many parts of the country Pickleball is “highest and best use” of land. Two Pickleball courts can fit in the space of one Tennis court. In addition to this many areas of the country have Tennis courts that are lying fallow for lack of use. There can therefore be a change from no use by Tennis players to lots of active use by Pickleball players. Everywhere you go you will see a combination of conversions of Tennis courts to Pickleball courts and newly constructed Pickleball courts often by Municipalities. Because in Pickleball doubles is both more interesting and more fun than singles there is the efficiency of 4 rather than 2 players using any given court.

Pickleball is the ultimate in picking your own path. Some people prefer social play with no expectations of materially “improving” while others can dive in head first into a hyper-competitive atmosphere. Unlike some of the other racquet sports Pickleball does indeed offer something for everyone!

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