# 10
You can pick up a paddle on line or at your local sporting goods store for about $50. Cost to play normally runs from free to no more than $5.00 per outing. Compare this to golf, tennis or any other sport
# 9
Pickleball courts are springing up everywhere and fast. Carlsbad, California, the home of Dink Dink Slam, has approved 6 new dedicated courts which will be free and open to the public and this is typical all over the country. Any new retirement community virtually has to include Pickleball courts since many retired people want them. There are even courts on many cruise ships.
# 8
Pickleball is a simple straight forward game to learn. There are coaches at every level from free lessons at public parks to top pros at private clubs. Anyone with even modest athletic ability can master the fundamentals the first time out. Of course, learning more and improving are big parts of the enjoyment of the sport.
# 7
Don’t let the smaller court fool you into thinking Pickleball is not a good workout. You can make it as easy going or as challenging as you want. True, there is less running than tennis and some other sports, but this is offset by the very fast action and the short time between taking shots.
# 6
If there are any snooty or arrogant Pickleball players we haven’t run into them yet. With the name “Pickleball” how can anyone get too serious. It is a very welcoming sport to players of all ages and ability levels. An experienced player will often take a newcomer under their wing and mentor them for the satisfaction of seeing rapid improvement.
# 5
Pickleball players due to their common interest in this growing sport tend to get along and socialize with each other. “Oh, you play Pickleball?” is often heard in casual conversations with strangers or new acquaintances. There is a bond between players who share the discovery a newly found relaxing and healthy activity.
# 4
Most people lead lives filled with stress. The biggest stress you encounter on a Pickleball court is the frustration of a missed shot or an unforced error. Otherwise it represents freedom from the everyday hyperactive over-connected lives most people lead today. In the middle of a too busy schedule it is a great feeling to say: “Screw it – I’m going to play Pickleball.”
# 3
This is of course true of any sport however it is particularly gratifying in Pickleball because the nature of the game and all of the factors mentioned above make it relatively easy to experience rapid improvement. Many players are just in it for enjoyment and exercise but for those who want to excel there are many learning opportunities ranging from private coaching to group lessons and even informative You Tube videos.
For retired folks there is only so much day time television, card games at the Senior Center and other sedentary activities one can take. Pickleball is a healthy and fun alternative and something to look forward to as many times a week as the spirit moves you.

We had to get this one in. Our shirts and caps will make you stand out on the court. Happy Pickleball playing to everyone!

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