Since it humble beginnings on Bainbridge Island, Washington, in 1965 the phenomenal growth of Pickleball has extended way beyond the United States.
There is an International Federation of Pickable with membership that includes the following countries:
• China
• Hong Kong
• Germany
• The Netherlands
• Great Britain
• United Kingdom
• France
• India
• Spain
• Canada
The premier international event is appropriately named The Bainbridge Cup which started in 2017 in Spain, was held in Italy in 2018 and is scheduled for Germany in the summer of 2019. This event features some of the best players in the world with Team North America playing against Team Europe.
The U.S. Open and the Nationals, the two largest tournaments in the United States, attract competitors from all over the world further evidencing Pickleball as becoming a true worldwide phenomenon.
With the growing popularity of Pickleball internationally there is hope that it may become an Olympic sport however the strict requirements as to number of countries and continents engaged in the sport will take some time to fulfill.
The relatively low cost of Pickleball in terms of both land use, equipment and playing fees is also contributing to the rapid international growth of the sport. The affordability of Pickleball sport compared to other sports makes it attractive to people all over the world. Of course the fact that it is such a fun friendly game and a good form of exercise is a further contributing factor.

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