The obvious benefit of indoor play is that weather and in particular because wind is not a factor. As most of you outdoor players know any wind over 5 miles per hour can really cause havoc on your game. A shot can be blown in or out by the wind and thus cause a factor of “luck”. As an avid outdoor player I have seen this in all directions. My shot has been clearly in and then blown out of bounds and vice versa. Needless to say this can be very challenging for all involved.

The other benefit of indoor play is that the surface is much more forgiving on your knees, joints, legs, back and other parts of your body. A few hours of outdoor play can make your knees hurt. While with indoor play this is less of a factor.

Also, climate control is another benefit. It may be too hot or too cold for outdoor play. Indoor play can be heated or air conditioned as needed. I have played indoors in Florida and I am sure glad it was air conditioned. In addition to that some people don’t like the hot sun or cannot be in the hot sun for medical reasons.

Depending on your municipality this could also be an issue of availability. Not every town has available tennis courts but most do have a municipal indoor gym. Any place that has indoor basketball has enough room for at least 3 Pickleball courts. You may also be able to set up indoor games at your local YMCA or other gyms or recreation centers.

The benefits of outdoor play are obvious. You are out in the fresh air and the elements (especially wind) can add an element of fun and surprise to your games!

The outdoor game is especially prominent in areas of the country that are known for good weather. Florida, Arizona and Southern California to name a few.

In other parts of the country there is an indoor and outdoor season. People enjoy their summer by playing outdoors.

In the seasonal parts of the country the outdoor season usually runs from May through October.

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