If you are looking to play and have too few courts in your community, consider getting involved in lobbying for more Pickleball courts.

One of the best ways to do this is to organize a group of core players. The more you can find the better. Be sure to use social media and/or group texting to make said group aware of what is going on in terms of local city council meetings and the like.

If and when there is a local council meeting regarding Pickleball make sure you have as many people as possible show up. The larger the number of people you have show up the more easily it is to achieve success for your cause. Have them show up with their paddles if possible.

Make sure that you have at least some people have prepared statements. For example, you might have a person talk about how they are enjoying Pickleball with their grandchildren. How this activity in and of itself is a great way to get both the grandparents and the grandchildren both out of the house and out getting exercise, all while having fun and meeting new people.

Consider this to be a form of hyper local lobbying. You might be trying to get some indoor games going at a local gym, trying to set up temporary courts set up on existing tennis courts or even trying to get your town to construct dedicated courts. It is not hard to get a city to allow you to set up your own net(s) on a trial basis. Once permission is granted for this make sure to document how many players you are getting. As time goes forward you want to make your local politicians aware of the fact that Pickleball is a growing sport, is not a fad and is designed for all ages. The benefits to your entire community are great and, in most cases, just making your local officials aware of these benefits is enough to at least get the process starting. Do not lobby for night play to get started. Night time play is still a touchy issue because of noise in some neighborhoods. Lobby for day time play to get started and you can add in night time play if and when appropriate. Most permanent courts being constructed today do not have lights. Just because your local tennis courts have lights, does not mean you should lobby for night time play, at least not initially.

Check and see if your town has any type of programs to help keep kids away from drugs and crime. Pickleball can be a wonderful addition to these types of programs. The focal point of these programs is to give kids something to do, keep them occupied and keep them away from drugs/crime. Take advantage of this and introduce Pickleball as part of these programs if you can. It has been proven that kids that are given something fun to do between the hours of 3 pm and 6 pm are much less likely to get into trouble. Pickleball can be a great addition to making this happen. Kids that might not have the athleticism to play other sports are usually able to play Pickleball as it is a game that almost anyone can play.

Make sure that your lobbying group has a clear leader with as many participants as possible. What city councils like is a well-organized group with a clear leader. Try not to make your group look haphazard. Make sure your group is as large as possible and well organized.

Remember that politicians are people too and invite them personally to play if and when appropriate.

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